Salt Lick BBQ, Terminal A, DFW Airport, TX

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I’ve eaten a couple times at the Salt Lick at Will Rogers (OKC), and it was decent BBQ. I had dinner at the DFW location Sunday evening as I was waiting for my flight to Omaha.

I had the brisket platter. It was decent brisket, truely smoked, tender, and pretty good flavor. It came with fries (very good) and baked beans. Those beans were a highlight of the meal, thick, outstanding flavor, with some brisket chopped up in the mix.

They don’t have iced tea (which is to say, they have some crap called “tea” in a fountain), so I had some DP. Service was reallyt fast. My check was $16.50. It’s not as good as Dickey’s, but I’ve had far worse.


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2 Responses to “Salt Lick BBQ, Terminal A, DFW Airport, TX”

  1. Gary Super Macho Says:

    In my book anyone who considers Dickey’s to be good barbecue simply can not be trusted.

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    Hi, Gary. Dickey’s for sure is highly variable. The main reason I mention it here is because it’s the only other option for BBQ in Terminal A (or Terminal B). There are other options in D. I don’t get ribs at either place, since I don’t think either of these places (and few in general) make really good ribs. There are a couple specific locations for Dickey’s I like; the Plano and Richardson locations come to mind. Most of the franchise locations (and we have a number of those in OKC) are not good in the slightest.

    Thanks for your comment!

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