Millard Roadhouse, Millard, NE

Millard Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

I was near Millard after work today, and noticed Millard Roadhouse on UrbanSpoon. I got there around 1930 and left about an hour later.

The salad I started out with was very good; the ranch dressing was outstanding. My main dish was simple: three pieces of fried chicken, breasts, with mashers and gravy. Simply a wonderful meal. The chicken pieces were HUGE (see the photo I posted to UrbanSpoon). The skin was perfect, crunchy and tasty. The meat was full of flavor, was moist, not stringy, and not greasy either. It took some work to put all that chicken away, but I was up to it. The meal came with some decent mashers, and the mashers came with excellent cream gravy. The only thing I could count the meal down was an occasional hint of burned oil taste in the chicken, mainly in the skin; not often and not a lot of the burned taste.

I had iced tea (great stuff!), and it was kept refilled. Service was prompt and friendly. My check was $17.44. Next time (and there will be a next time), I will get the two-piece.


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