Troop 15 Spring Break Camp

Troop 15 had a blast this past weekend camping at Boiling Springs State Park, and then Black Mesa State Park.

The photos are here.

We headed out from Oklahoma City around 1830, stopped for dinner at Braum’s in El Reno, and then continued on to Boiling Springs State Park. We go there around 2130, and set up a very quick camp. The weather was nice, so most everyone just slept out on the ground under the stars.

One thing I was surprised at. There are east-west railroad tracks about a mile south of the park. There were trains rolling on those tracks on average every 20 minutes! All evening, and all night! The train horns were really loud (but not loud enough to wake you up), but the trains came from both directions. It’s a double track, and it’s busy!

It got down to around 28F that evening. The next morning we got up, and the boys cooked bacon and pancakes for us. It was pretty darn good. We packed up and headed out in good time.

Our first stop was Woodward. We went to the The Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum, which is a really nice museum (we had taken our Girl Scouts there on a NW Oklahoma tour a couple years ago, and really liked it).

After Woodward we headed up past Fort Supply, and stopped in the small town of May to have lunch on the parking lot of the local fire station. The parking lot was graveled, and a lot of the gravel was clear calcite, some of the pieces were very large.

After lunch we made our way into the Panhandle, stopping at Guymon for food to cook in camp. The long drive across the Panhandle was a bit tedious, of course, but the scenery is, to me at least, very interesting. We got to Black Mesa State Park around 1700, and had the interesting experience of setting up camp in daylight! Dinner was outstanding shepherds pie cooked by Simon, one of our adults. The adults built a fire, the boys built one, and we talked for a while. We tried to look for the comet from a hill to the west, but clouds defeated that.

It got down to the high 20s again overnight. We woke up the next morning, and the boys made green scrambled eggs and ham, and scrambled eggs and (green) spinach. Both were very good.

After breakfast, I laid out lunch packages for everyone, and we headed out to Black Mesa. We made it into a 10 miler (one of the boys completed his Hiking Merit Badge!), and had lunch at the Oklahoma high point. Lunch was PB&J (grape and strawberry jams). We hiked all the way to New Mexico ( 🙂 ). We watched a large band of showers develop to the north as we hiked up, and had some other rain develop around us, but we just got a couple drops. Lots of wind, though. We also saw lightning to the north (comfortably far away), and some to the east (making us uncomfortable). We burned off the Mesa.

After the Mesa, we went and looked at the dinosaur tracks to the NE, and then went to the Tri-State (OK/NM/CO) marker.

Back in camp, dinner was chicken fajitas. More fire was made, more talking, another unsuccessful attempt to see the comet, and then we crashed.

Breakfast the next morning was a not-cooking meal. We struck camp and headed out, and made the long drive back to OKC, stopping in Guymon for lunch, and getting back to OKC around 1700.

The boys were largely a young group, but they got the jobs done, and there was minimum of griping. Food was good. I really enjoyed this trip. I hadn’t been to Black Mesa since 1994, and the only thing I would have liked to do was visit Lake Etling, and hike into the canyon on the NW side of the lake.

Next time.


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