Paseo Grill, Oklahoma City, OK

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I met Raegan and the kids for lunch here last Wednesday, since it was Spring Break. We had planned on trying the Red Rooster, but it is smoking only, and a cloud of the obnoxious stuff rolled out the door when we opened it. We went to Paseo Grill instead.

We got there about 1200 and left at 1330. Raegan and I started with soup: cream of mushroom for her, and beef and veg for me. Both excellent. She continued with a crab avocado salad, and me with a chicken caesar salad. Erin had the same salad, and Ian a steak sandwich. All of this food was very good. The salads had a small portion size, I thought.

We ended up with a couple desserts: bread pudding (excellent) and two chocolate devines (also very good).

Our check for all this was $87.78. I think this is the most, or second-most, expensive lunch we have had. I walked out feeling a little… under-satisfied. I don’t think the meal was worth the price. Now, the desserts were $19 of that, but even then, the meal part was almost $70. Service was OK (not spectacular). The tea was OK (except they kept filling the darn glass with as much ice as they could pack in; I asked twice for a no-ice pour). But the salads were bland and small. The other two meals were small as well.

So I would say that while some people would, I’m certain, love Paseo Grill, I will likely not be back. I am not into small servings and large price, just to say we are eating in the arts district.


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