Sophabella’s, Oklahoma City, OK

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Wow, great food! We’ve wanted to try Sophabella’s for a while, and decided to give it a try Monday. Well worth it.

We had an extended pre-dinner wait while Ian drove across town. We started with zucchini chips, which are breaded and deep fried zuc, and garlic cheese bread. Both excellent. We had an outstanding ranch dressing, and an amazing marinara to dip the stuff in, a perfect appetizer. I loved those zucchinis in particular. Raegan also had lobster bisque, and loved it. I had a single meatball. Permit me a short diversion. My standard for meatballs are those my Dad made. I think they were 90% beef and 10% bread crumbs, and they were wonderful, with flavor and great texture. I think most meatballs that are restaurant made are a 50% each mixture, and as a result they have little texture. This meatball made by Sophabella’s was very close to the standard meatball I would like to have all the time. It was flavorful, had beef texture, just all around outstanding.

For dinner, Erin got fettuccine al fredo, Ian chicken parmigiana, Raegan chicken gnocci, Pat mostacciolli, and I got chicken mushroom marsala. I tried parts of the meals Raegan, Ian, and Erin got; in each case, simply outstanding for flavor and heat. My chicken marsala was the best I have ever had. Pat reported hers was excellent.

After that fantastic set of main courses, we ordered desserts. Erin got a brownie and ice cream dessert, Raegan and I (and everyone else!) shared a banana cobbler (really!), and Ian got a sundae. None of any of this survived.

The iced tea was excellent, and all drinks were kept refilled. Service was outstanding. There was nothing in the slightest in the negative that could be reported about this meal. Our check (for five) was $152.34. Expensive, yes, but the meal was entirely worth it.

Would be go to Sophabella’s regularly? Not for long :). But it’s the top place in my book for special events in the future. I’m already thinking of our 25th…

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