That’s Amore, Bellevue, NE

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My friend Clark and I were looking for a late dinner this evening. We drove by Stella’s, but there was a line out of the door. Instead, we drove to downtown Bellevue and checked out That’s Amore.

We started off with a plate of BBQ chicken wings. Yes, BBQ wings at an Italian place. They were great! Plump, tasty, the BBQ sauce was very good, and with very nice homemade ranch and bleu cheese dressing to dip them in. I liked those wings.

The meal came with a very nice mixed greens salad with more of that ranch dressing. Good stuff.

I got fettuccine and chicken al fredo. I can’t say this part of the meal was bad, but I will say it was bland. There wasn’t just a huge amount of al fredo on the dish, but what was there wasn’t rich or overly flavorful. The noodles were OK. So I think that the meal could have been somewhat more tasty.

Service was super friendly and outstanding. My check was $21.94 (the wings were $7.50 of that). So not a bad meal, but could stand some improvement. I’d like to go back and try the meat sauce.


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