Bricktown Brewery, Oklahoma City, OK

Bricktown Brewery on Urbanspoon

This was my first visit here, and it was pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised.

Raegan and Ian and I met Erin, her friend Claire, and her family at the Brewery after a longish Saturday. It was a crowded evening; we had about a 20 minute wait for a table for eight. It didn’t help that there were a lot of Final Four stuff on TV, and a ball game.

It took a bit for us to get drink and an appetizer order in. I got the table a chop and chip nachos. They were really good! The pulled pork on the nachos had goof flavor, was tender, and had some (I think) chipotle sour cream with the cheese. It was large enough that we didn’t finish them. Great stuff.

I got Brewers Beef and Gravy. This was braised beef poured over mashers, with some roast gravy, and onion straws. It was not bad at all. The beef was pretty good (although it was a touch overcooked on what I presume was the top side of the beef cut), and the mixture had a very slight smoky flavor that was hard to pin down, but very good. It’s a rare meal for flavor to be subtle; usually it’s either all or nothing. I had a side of mashers (the Department of Redundancy Department). The mashers were really good, skin on red potatoes.

Raegan got a chicken finger dinner; it looked good, but I didn’t try any of it. She liked it.

Erin got a decent looking burger. I didn’t try any of it either.

Ian got a CFS. It… was… huge… It had to be 8-9″ in diameter. The server assured us that they made the CFS on-site. I tried it; it was wonderful! The breading was a little sweet for my taste, but the beef was thick, great flavor, tender (the couple bites I had were easily fork tender), and the gravy was simply outstanding. I would rather have had the CFS than my meal.

Our friends got burgers and more of the Brewers Beef; no complaints at all.

The tea was excellent, and our server did a decent job of keeping it refilled. We got our food faster than I would have thought; there were at least four groups of eight or so, and the place was full when we were seated, and didn’t slack off for a while.

Our check for eight was $94.24, which I think is pretty good for eight people, especially since $10 of that was that huge plate of pulled pork nachos. I liked the Brewery, and I’m glad we were able to try it. I’m going to see if I can get some people to try it for lunch.


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