Sonic, Marlow, OK

Sonic Drive-in on Urbanspoon

I haven’t learned, apparently.

I’m in a catch-up mode for blogging. I’ve been super busy for the past several weeks, and have a pile of reviews to post.

Ian and I were at Camp Ekowah last Friday evening helping Troop 756 get set up at Council-wide camp. We had been running behind all afternoon and had skipped dinner. We saw the Sonic in Marlow as we headed home and stopped. Now, we were really hungry. We both ordered cheeseburgers (me, a couple, Ian, a single), tots, and drinks. Big mistake. We ate them, because we had paid for them. The burgers were tasteless and without texture. The tots were room temp at best.

We did like the Cokes.

I have now written off Sonic for cheeseburgers. The last time I got popcorn chicken at Sonic, it was OK. The last time I got a chili cheese dog at Sonic, it was pretty good. Those are the things I will get at Sonic the next time it is late, Sonic is the only thing open, and I am starvingly hungry.

To any Sonic corporate people: You used to make an outstanding cheeseburger. Most locations made very good burgers, some less so, and some amazing burgers (the former location at Kelley and I-44 in OKC comes to mind). Now, I cannot think of any of the Sonics that I regularly visit that make a burger that is worth a darn. I think that you have used cheap meat, and they are poorly cooked. You made decisions that made the burgers crappy, you ought to make decisions to fix the problem.


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