Braum’s, Del City, OK (I-40 and Sunnylane)

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I’ve been to this Braum’s numerous times over the past year or so, most recently this morning. This is my go-to stop for breakfast on the way into work. This morning I had a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and a large milk. I always get through the drive through in a minute or so, and the crew is always friendly and gets the order right.

My check this morning was $5.25. Good, fast, and inexpensive.

Now if Braum’s could just get the burger situation fixed.


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One Response to “Braum’s, Del City, OK (I-40 and Sunnylane)”

  1. tonya munn Says:

    This is instantly the worse Braums on earth. Time and time again they never seem to get the order right, of they are not being rude with defamatoryagainst you but it doesn’t stop from being charges all the extras and you never know until you get home and of you drive back up there then tty our food is cold….for some reason they do not know the difference between almonds and regular nuts for there oatmeal and even though you order and pay for the extras they never can’t manage to cut the bananas up and get them in there and lord bid you say something to them because you might just get hollered and screamed at. Of it want right under the bridge from my house, I would not enemy go there and today was the last straw and I may just have to start going to sonic….

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