Deep Fork Grill, Oklahoma City, OK

Deep Fork Grill on Urbanspoon

Raegan and I ate at Deep Fork Grill shortly after they opened, many years ago. We recall that the verdict at the time was, “ok”. Even though we drive past the place at least a couple times a day, usually, it never really occurred to us to go back.

Last weekend, we needed a place to have dinner that was near school and Harding Fine Arts, and I considered Deep Fork. Last evening, Raegan and I were kidless, and we decided to try it. We got there shortly after 1900, and in spite of the parking lot being completely packed, we were seated immediately (turns out there was at least one large party there).

Raegan ordered the cedar salmon, and I got beef stroganoff. To sum it up, both were perfect. The serving sizes were larger than we expected. Raegan described hers at possibly the best salmon she had ever had. I do know that for mine, the noodles were perfectly cooked, the sauce was a rich, full of flavor, thick, and delicious binder for the beef, which was cooked a perfect medium, had great beef flavor, and tender. Hers came with whipped potatoes that were very good (here was the only minor error, she had ordered cheese potatoes). Both meals had asparagus spears as well.

The tea (iced for me, hot for Raegan) was very good and kept refilled. Service was attentive without being intrusive.

Our check was $68.76. This is more than we usually pay for a meal. On the other hand, the atmosphere was a little more than we usually enjoy, and the meal was perfect, and the quantity was more than filling. When I think on similar places (Paseo Grill, or even Ranch Steakhouse), I would have to say that Deep Fork fills a value niche; the food was more expensive, but it was better. So for “special” meals, I think I would lean towards Deep Fork. I like the fact that they are not just steak oriented. And that strog was very good. I look forward to our next visit.

One other thing: I went to Urbanspoon to click “Like” for DFG, and noticed it was only 62% Liked. I went to read the reviews. So many were very, very negative, for both food and service. None of those reflect our visit in the least. It really makes me question the validity of negative reviews. I’m glad I didn’t read those reviews beforehand or we might not have even considered the place.


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