Fat Elvis Diner, Yukon, OK

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So in some places, this is called Sid’s Diner, and others, it the Fat Elvis Diner. Regardless, it’s pretty good.

I would classify this place as a “dive”. The decorations are tacky, the interior a mishmash. The food is very good. Raegan and I had late lunch here today. We were in Yukon as Erin had a Girl Scout awards ceremony in a nearby park, and then were having a skating party about 200 yards west of the diner.

Raegan got a hot ham and cheese, and I got a King cheeseburger, double meat. Mine had some fried onions and pickles. She liked hers just fine, I liked mine a lot. The beef was well textured and had great flavor. About the fried onions: I am not a huge fan of them. In fact, I asked for them this time, light, and that’s the way they came. While I didn’t dislike them, next time I would probably get the burger without. But it was a very good cheeseburger.

We shared a 1/4 order fries, they were great! The amount was just right for the two of us. We also shared a [Frito] chili pie. It was very good, with meaty chili (no beans), and lot of chili.

I got iced tea, it was excellent. Raegan got a root beer float, and like it (I tried part of it, it was good).

Service was pretty much right on the money, and our check was $18.32, which I think was great value for all we got. If I get to Yukon again around a mealtime, I will go back.


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One Response to “Fat Elvis Diner, Yukon, OK”

  1. Steve Epp Says:

    The skating rink is EAST of Fat Elvis’ — NOT west! Who the heck calls it Sid’s Diner? Sid’s is in El Reno, you dork!

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