Railhead BBQ, DFW Terminal D, TX

Railhead BBQ on Urbanspoon

I had lunch today at the Railhead BBQ restaurant in Terminal D of DFW. It was pretty darn good.

I had a two-meat plate. They didn’t have the chicken quite ready yet, so I got chopped brisket and pulled pork. Both were pretty darn good, if a bit on the dry side. They had good smoky flavor, and were fairly tender. A bit of extra BBQ sauce (good, and served hot!) alleviated the slight dryness of the meat.

My sides were BBQ beans (OUTSTANDING!) and green beans (OK, but a touch undercooked and a bit tough). For drink, they had decent iced tea (but refills were $0.81 each; c’mon, guys, that’s pretty cheap). Service was very friendly. My check was $14.31. Not bad value.


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One Response to “Railhead BBQ, DFW Terminal D, TX”

  1. Phillip Says:

    Thanks for your post. Since your visit we have implemented free refills! We look forward to improving our products quality and preventing dried out products.

    Management Team

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