Jack and Mary’s Restaurant, Omaha, NE

Jack & Mary's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I needed to check out a couple places in west Omaha this evening, and for some reason I wanted fried chicken, so I did a quick Urbanspoon search and found Jack & Mary’s. I started off with a bowl of excellent chicken noodle soup. That stuff was great! My main course was a three piece chicken, all light. It came pretty quickly.

So the chicken was not just scorching, piping hot, so I presume it was already cooked when I ordered it. The chicken, which had been cooked connected, had been chopped into three pieces with a serious cleaver. I’ve not had chicken cut up quite like that. The chicken was OK, mostly pretty tender, but was a touch on the less-than-moist side. It didn’t have just a heck of a lot of flavor. In terms of quantity, it was just right for dinner for me.

The dinner came with some very good mashers and gravy. My second side was the soup.

I don’t usually get dessert, but they had a blueberry bread pudding. Since we all need our antioxidants, I got it. It was excellent! But it was HUGE. I think three people could have been fed with it. I managed to eat about half.

Service was very good, and the iced tea was excellent. My check was $21.03 of which $4.00 was the dessert, so I think it was pretty good value. I saw some pretty nice looking food aorund me. I think I would like coming back to the place.


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