Cox Brothers BBQ, Council Bluffs, IA

Cox Brothers BBQ on Urbanspoon

I noticed this place as I was returning from a trip to the nearby Target. I had dinner here this evening after a fine three sets of tennis at Offutt. I got the two meat dinner, with brisket and pulled pork. The brisket was very good, and the pulled pork was OK. The sides I chose were mac and cheese (which was bland, and not helped by the sprinkling of paprika. Paprika, really?), and smokehouse beans (which were OK, even with the addition of red and green peppers).

It’s kind of my opinion that red and green peppers do not belong in the food category at all. Restaurants put them in too many foods, to include baked or BBQ beans, corn bread, chili (heresy!), on chicken, salads, shepherd’s pie, and other food which do not deserve the bad treatment of using peppers.

I heard some other guests get offered a buffet, which I was not offered.

Service was friendly and prompt. The iced tea was OK (it had kind of an odd taste). My check was $14.74. If someone suggested going here for dinner, I would not object, but I would probably not go again on my own.


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