Hartland BBQ, Omaha, NE

Hartland BBQ on Urbanspoon

I had dinner here this evening with my buddy Brad for no better reason that it was the #1 BBQ place in the Omaha area. We got there around 1830.

I wanted to try a two-meat with brisket and chicken, but was told no. I ended up getting a brisket dinner and a chicken basket (no sides); the total cost was reasonably close to what I would usually pay for a two-meat, but it was a LOT of food. The brisket was OK; it was a little dry, and a little less than fully tender, and had OK flavor. The chicken was pretty good; first of all it was HUGE, and a half a bird. It had pretty good flavor, but was a little dry on the inside (it was huge, after all). I got baked beans and green beans for my sides. The baked beans had quite a bit of jalapeno, and I ate little of them. The green beans were very plain.

They do not have iced tea (Lipton Brisk is not tea). They are a Pepsi shop. I would recommend they make tea, which is good with BBQ. My check was $20.83, a little high but due to the fact that I bought two meals. Service was very friendly. The place was pretty busy. I would probably go again, but would not go out of my way.


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