IRS Investigations: How Were They Uncovered?

I have heard the howls of outrage from conservatives about the extra questioning that many Tea Party organizations were getting from the IRS. I’m no expert, but I think that the extra questioning, and the granting of tax exempt status in the end means we don’t really have much of a scandal.

Regardless, I think an interesting question to ask is how this “scandal” was uncovered. One IRS office came up with criteria for evaluating these organizations. Agents tried using the criteria, and when it was briefed up the chain of command, the local supervisors disagreed with the criteria, and then called in the IRS Inspector General (IG). That IG report is what kicked off the storm of criticism.

So the takeway here is that the internal processes of the IRS worked, and reversed the criteria. Howling conservatives would not have the knowledge of this except for sunshine on this part of the Government. That’s the way it is supposed to work.


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