Republicans and Refusal To Govern

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post has an interesting article here:

The article examines whether the Republicans will have any consequences for their scandal hopes as pertains to President Obama.

The article touches on a couple topics I’ve noted here before. First, there are parallels between the Republican attempts to tear down Obama and the Republican attempts to tear down Clinton. In both cases, the Democrat defeated a Republican in the Presidential election, the Democrat was somewhat charismatic while the Republican wasn’t, and the Republican had far more platitudes to run on than programs. Also in both cases, the Democrat won handily. And in both cases, the Republican establishment became infuriated enough to overtly try, try, try to take the Democrat out post-election.

One difference: even in the midst of trying to destroy Clinton, the Republicans worked with Democrats to govern. After Obama, there was zero cooperation; the Republicans became the disloyal opposition.

Sargent notes that polling seems to indicate that Obama is not being terribly affected by the constant attempts by the Republicans to drum up scandals.

I am guessing that the only “weapon” they have is trying to bring Obama down via scandal. If they clearly stated what seem to be their policy goals, the public reaction would be very negative.

I hope that Democrats are able to use the Republican disloyalty, combined with their failure to govern, and their kowtowing to business, to take back the House in 2014, and get the country moving forward again.

Obama and his policies have managed to reverse the ecomonic downturn caused by Bush and Republican policies, in spite of Republican refusal to cooperate.

2 Responses to “Republicans and Refusal To Govern”

  1. DaVette See Says:

    Nice analysis of the situation, Bill. As usual. It is amazing to me how persistent the Republicans leaders are in their underhanded tricks and, conversely, how blind the membership seems to be to both the tricks and damage being done to the legitimacy of the party.

  2. Raegan Says:

    Well, you know, it’s a whole lot easier to criticize, point blame, hold up the process, and obfuscate, than to be proactive, lead, make decisions, and do something that someone else could criticize.

    I’m tired of pouting congressmen. Get on with making our country a better, safer place, a place with quality health care and education, a place that leads in science, medicine, technology, infrastructure, libraries, parks, and culture, a place that is a shining example, than doing this stupid childish bickering.

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