Scouting Takes A Step Forward

I’m glad that the BSA voted this week to relax their prohibition on gay Scouts. It is a welcome step in the right direction, but it needs to go farther.

The prohibition against gay leaders needs to be removed as well. There is nothing in being gay that makes a leader any less of a good leader in Scouting.


3 Responses to “Scouting Takes A Step Forward”

  1. DaVette See Says:

    Agreed, it is a step forward but, yes, it needs to be a whole step, not a half. Hopefully that will happen soon.

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    An article ( by John Stemberger, who is a principle of an organization that opposes inclusion by Scouting, is unfortunately quite representative of the polarized nature of the debate.

    He decries the injection of politics and sex into the BSA, but in reality, BSA injected that when they made the divisive policy to begin with. Fear of gays is powerful.

    The part about the article that really bugs me is this: “We are concerned for the safety and security of our boys”. This is a little disgusting; it’s a repeat of the canard that gays are pedophiles, or “recruit” boys to being gay. It’s clear that Stemberger is driven by fear of something he doesn’t understand.

  3. Raegan Says:

    The thing is, sex shouldn’t be in any part of Scouting. It’s not something any adult, male, female, gay, or straight, needs to be talking about or doing in front of the kids. IT shouldn’t even come into the equation–keep your private stuff private! What business is of of anyone else’s? I’ve know people–straight and gay–who are or would be excellent teachers, scout leaders, doctors, nurses, engineers, whatever. And I’ve known people–gay and straight—who are or would be LOUSY teachers, scout leaders, doctors, etc. Orientation just doesn’t have any bearing on the matter.

    People need to grow up. Gay isn’t something you can catch. *rolls eyes*

    I do understand the tenting issue with Scouts–so solve it simply. In large groups, nothing happens. If parents are paranoid, kids can sleep with mommy or daddy, or by themselves, or with a pre-approved “safe” friend. Why are people making such a fuss about it when it’s so easy to fix?

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