Classic 50s Drive-In, Norman, OK

Classic 50's Drive-in on Urbanspoon

We were going through Norman on the way to the Chickasaw Cultural Center, and stopped here for a quick lunch.

Raegan got the fish sandwich and a corn dog. She figured the sandwich would be small, but it wasn’t, and was hard pressed to finish the corn dog. She liked the fishburger, and said the corn dog was excellent. Ian, Erin, and I got burgers. We really liked them. They were not the very best cheeseburgers we’ve had, but they were far from the worst (and they were better than any Braum’s or Sonic burger I’ve had in the past couple years). My burger could have had a better crust to improve texture, but it had decent flavor. I also got a chili cheese dog, which I really enjoyed. The beef dog was tasty, and the chili was the right amount and a good compliment to the dog. We got a couple tots, and they were nice and crispy.

The tea and the Coke was really good. Service was fast and friendly. Our check was $35.50.


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