Florence’s, Oklahoma City, OK

Florence's on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here with Raegan and Erin Friday since it was roughly between them (at Casady) and me (at Tinker).

I got the fried chicken (all light). Pan fried, and wonderful! The meal came with mashers (excellent) and corn (yummy). The gravy on the mashers was something else; it had a chicken flavor that was simply outstanding. I think that stuff ought to be served as soup! Raegan got fried chicken also and enjoyed it. Her sides were green beans and yams, both excellent! Erin got the fried catfish. She liked it, and I tried a bite, it was good. The ranch dressing on her salad was clearly made fresh; it was very good.

We finished the meal with banana pudding and peach cobbler, both very good.

Service was very friendly and fast. The only thing I could count them down on was the tea. It was an instant, and not good at all. I switched to Coke, which was pretty good. Our check was $28.25. I would gladly go back, and will. I could OD on the gravy with no problem.

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