Harrah Steakhouse, Harrah, OK

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Raegan and Erin and I drove to a cafe in Choctaw Friday evening, but it was closed with recently-posted summer hours. We ended up driving east on 23rd, and eventually made our way to Harrah. We saw the Harrah Steakhouse and decided to give it a try.

Raegan got a chicken fried chicken and I had chicken fried steak, while Erin had a bacon cheeseburger. All of this was very good; Erins burger had decent flavor. The CFC was perfect, breaded just the right amount, tender, and tasty. The CFS was about a 9 out of 10; mostly fork tender and with great flavor. The gravy was excellent. We had mashers, green beans, and corn as sides; these were pretty standard.

The iced tea was very good, and service was prompt and courteous. We liked this place, and although we don’t get to Harrah very often, it’s a good option.


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One Response to “Harrah Steakhouse, Harrah, OK”

  1. Donna Says:

    We have lived in Harrah almost a year and use to eat at Harrah Steak House often. We will never go back in that place again. My husband and I went to eat and were not very Hungary so we decided yo split a steak and naked potato. The waitress said we could another salad bar for 3.99. After we fixed the salads she came back and said the manager said we had to pay. 8.99 for the extra salad. My husband told her since we already fixed it we would pay it but we will never go back in that place ever. He has taken the cheese round , beats and ham off from the bar .

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