“Prayer in School”, and Politics

There have been screeds going around about how the Moore Public Schools had fired a teacher for praying out line while the tornado was tearing her school apart. At the public prayer service today, the pastor of the Moore First Baptist Church felt the need to make a comment about teachers praying in school as well today.

I really wish that Christians were a little more secure in their belief. Why someone felt the need to make up the teacher firing story is really pathetic.

I’ve said before, there has always been and always will be prayer in school. Too many people want to mandate prayer in school (and many of those just want prayer for their sect). It is un-American and Unconstitutional to try to mandate prayer in the officially secular public schools. Too many Christians (and I’m picking on them here, but I’ve never heard of Jews or Muslims or Hindu demanding prayer in public schools) are convinced that somehow, not having mandated prayer in school somehow lessens their belief.

So for a teacher, or a student, or a visiting parent to pray out loud during a tornado event is quite understandable. It’s the height of hypocritical politization for someone in authority to try to use that to advance their sects agenda.

Please, have your religion; whatever it is. Keep it to yourself.


One Response to ““Prayer in School”, and Politics”

  1. Raegan Says:

    The thing is, there WAS NO TEACHER FIRED FOR PRAYING. I can’t figure out what the agenda behind this rumor was.

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