Waffle House, I-35 and 122nd, Oklahoma City, OK

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We don’t eat at Waffle Houses very often. I think the last time we ate at one as a family was 10+ years ago, at a location right outside Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri after a visit to Centralia, IL. I have had breakfast at a Waffle House in downtown Tampa when I had early flights out. This evening, with storms coming in, we decided to get dinner near the house at a Cracker Barrel, but changed our minds and decided to hit the nearby Waffle House.

I got a double bacon cheeseburger, with hash browns (and sausage gravy!) as a side. Erin got bacon and eggs, and Raegan got a waffle, eggs, and grits. None of this was left. The burger was really good, cooked perfectly, great flavor, great texture. The eggs and waffles and bacon were all great. I enjoyed the sausage gravy on the hash browns also.

Service was pretty good, and our check was $25.35. Good meal, fast, and close to the house. Less expensive and faster than Cracker Barrel or IHOP. And the tea was excellent. We need to add this place to the rotation.

One slight downer: the mens restroom really needs cleaning. The toilet was kind of soiled, the floor was very slick with something like grease, and it stank of recent cigarette smoke. It’s a no-smoking restaurant.

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