AQ Chicken House, Fayetteville, AR

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AQ holds sentimental value to me.  It is a destination restaurant for my family when I was growing up.  We would make the several-hour drive at least once a year to Springdale to feast on golden fried chicken.  I still remember being at AQ and being allowed to take cash to the register to pay the check.  I’ve had Raegan and the kids there several times.

We were in Fayetteville today, and we decided to give the AQ location there a try.  They had a special, all you could eat chicken and ribs, for $2 more than the standard chicken dinner.   I got that, with pan-fried light meat.  The chicken was excellent, with a nice crispy crust,  tender, and juicy.  The ribs… don’t bother.  The sauce was not good, and neither was the meat.  Raegan liked he r dark meat also.  Erin got CFC, it was very good.

The sides.   Green beans,  excellent.   Mashers and gravy, also.  Baked beans,  not so much; they had too much jalapeno. Mac and cheese, very good.

We finished with a dessert of fried peaches, yum!

Service was good, as was the iced tea.  Our check was $43.94.


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3 Responses to “AQ Chicken House, Fayetteville, AR”

  1. golden paul Says:

    I’m sorry to say but you must not have any taste buds it is the worst chicken i have ever had in my entire life popeys is the best here in Fayetteville

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    Sorry about that, Paul. I wonder if the place was using old oil to fry in or had left chicken out too long. Some places have an off day.

  3. golden paul Says:

    Na my friend dustin runs the kitchen it is that bad

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