Boston Market, Dallas, TX (North Central and Forest)

Boston Market's Rotisserie Grill on Urbanspoon

I had dinner here with Raegan and Erin last evening. The Boston Market chain has been upgrading their restaurants the past couple years, but this one is a step beyond, with a very nice interior.

I got the turkey dinner, and Raegan and Erin chicken. The chicken first. I used to just love Boston Market chicken. The flavor, moistness, all were great. Over the past couple years the chicken flavor has changed to me. It’s still good, it just has an odd hint of flavor that detracts from the former true roasted flavor. I tried some of Erins dinner, and it had that odd flavor.

I got the turkey because of that odd flavor. Their turkey has always been great. The turkey last night was OK at best; it was kind of flat flavor-wise. Turkey, especially roast turkey, usually is just full of flavor, but this didn’t have a lot.

The sides were all very good. We had mashers, mac and cheese (LOVE that Boston Market mac and cheese!), and mixed veg. Raegan had a piece of pecan pie that went home with us since she was quite full.

Service was outstanding. The tea was Gold Peak, and was OK at best. Our check was $38.02; it seems a bit high, but we bought some cookies ($4) and the pecan pie slice. I’m of mixed feelings about Boston Market; I used to love the place, and now I just like it.


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