Charleston’s, Norman, OK

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Very mixed bag here for dinner this evening. Charleston’s as a chainlet is getting more disappointing.

We met Ian here for dinner last night when we arrived back in the Metro area. The place was crowded, but we were seated very quickly.

We started off with a plate of the croissants. They are good, and Raegan and Erin love them.

Ian and I started with Charleston’s standard baked potato soup; excellent as usual. Raegan had some of the Friday offering of clam chowder; she wasn’t very happy with it; there were too many potatoes.

She had the dinner salad for her meal and liked it just fine. Erin had a bowl of baked potato soup and devoured it. Ian got a chicken fried steak. Except for managing to neatly remove 80% of the CFS from the surrounding breading, he ate most of it. I got the 14 oz prime rib, medium. It came medium. But it was a disappointing meal. I don’t eat prime rib often, but I know it is supposed to be fairly tender; this wasn’t. I had to cut it into small enough pieces that I wouldn’t spend five minutes chewing each bite. There wasn’t just a whole lot of flavor there either.

There are times (like this meal) that I wish I wasn’t philosophically opposed to sending food back. I just hate waste. But I probably should have in this case. The meal came with a baked potato that wasn’t too bad, and my other side was a small house salad with creamy garlic dressing that was the best part of the meal. But for $24, that prime rib just wasn’t worth it.

I’ve written before that Charleston’s has become more disappointing over time. We don’t often go, and this meal won’t help me decide to go there in the future. I would have to recommend either the chicken tenders, or the roast chicken, but not a lot else. I also like to get their soup and salad, when the combination is baked potato soup and the house salad with the creamy garlic.

Service is never a problem at Charleston’s. The servers are constantly moving around getting new tea and checking on guests. Our check this time was $80.64. High for the value received.


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3 Responses to “Charleston’s, Norman, OK”

  1. Raegan Says:

    The croissants are always good.

  2. marilyn Says:

    Service was awful in Norman on Sunday 12/22/2013 at 5:00

  3. Bill Hensley Says:

    Marilyn, I wonder if your experience is part of a trend. I hope the management at Charleston’s reads blogs and user reviews.

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