Red Lobster, Oklahoma City, OK (Memorial)

Red Lobster on Urbanspoon

Erin likes to choose Red Lobster on occasion, and she did the last time we went there.

Raegan got seafood alfredo, Erin and Ian both snow crab, and I got a steak (I’m not much into fish). None of the food was left. Erin had some problems getting all the snow crab out, so Raegan helped (for a small fee of some of the crab, of course). My steak was not the best, but it was far from the worst I’ve had. My baked potato was pretty small.

Service was OK. Our check was $93.45. Pretty expensive, so we don’t go very often.

This is a delayed review. We went to Red Lobster 21 September, right before I left for my backpacking trip the next day, so I forgot to post it, and found the receipt today with some others today.


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One Response to “Red Lobster, Oklahoma City, OK (Memorial)”

  1. Raegan Says:

    Now *I* could certainly go eat seafood much more often, if this is a reviewing issue…I would make that sacrifice for you!

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