Texadelphia, Oklahoma City, OK (Bricktown)

Texadelphia Social Grill on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here a couple weeks ago, on 22 May. It wasn’t too bad. I got there about 1145, ordered, and then the noon lunch crowd poured in. Shortly thereafter, the rain poured down.

I did a Build Your Own cheesesteak. I got the Build Your Own, beef, large. Large is double meat and cheese. I had them add some lettuce and mayo.

No Cheeze Whiz. Not a true Philly for sure.

Regardless, it only took about five minutes for the sandwich to be delivered. As a Philly should be, it was hotter than heck. It was darn good, also. The bread was firm enough to keep the sandwich from falling apart, and it was tasty, too. The beef was cooked perfectly, and the cheese was all melted in. The lettuce and beef leaked all over the darn place, but that’s OK.

So it was a pretty good meal. The iced tea was pretty good. The sandwich came with chips and salsa, a different but nice touch. My check was $10 and some change. I look forward to another visit!


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