Club Restaurant, Tinker AFB, OK

Tinker AFB Club on Urbanspoon

I used to eat the the restaurant at the former Officer’s Club quite often. We would go for breakfast with Raegan’s parents every once in the while. Over the years, that has dropped off as the food quality declined. The service mode now is a buffet. I ate here a month or so back, and didn’t like *anything*.

Today a couple work friends and another guy and I went there for lunch. The buffet had four veg (all pretty good, except the peas, which were large, bright green and mutant). It also had both baked and fried chicken (the fried chicken was very good), and they had a gigantic chunk of roast beef. I had two hand-carved pieces of the roast, it was very good. It could have been a bit more tender, but it was cooked a decent medium, and they had both brown gravy (OK) and au jus (very good).

Service was pretty good, and the iced tea was instant, but not too bad. My check was $9.95. If Tuesday is roast beef and fried chicken day, I would be inclined to visit again.

Note: anyone who can access Tinker can eat at this restaurant.


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