KFC, Midwest City, OK (28th and Douglas)

KFC on Urbanspoon

OK, so I have pretty much sworn off KFC. I slightly modified my stance when the chicken is bought in quantity, like a 12-piece bucket. It was even so this evening. I left work at 1830, and stopped here to score some chicken for dinner. Raegan had tea and veggies waiting at home.

I got the 12-piece in two parts, half Original Recipe and half the new Boneless. The chicken and biscuits were pretty darn good, although on the small side. We had enough for the three of us, and some left over for Ian after he was off work.

Service was better than expected. I went through the drive through, and was done from order to moving in less than three minutes. Our check was $28.70. Don’t mind doing this every once in a while. I’ll say this: fast KFC chicken is far better than fast burgers from Sonic, Braum’s, or McDonald’s.


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