Hiking Ponca State Park, NE

Back on 11 May, Brad and I had an open Saturday from the testing activities we were in Nebraska doing, so we headed to NE Nebraska for some hiking at Ponca State Park. We took two hikes totaling 6 miles, with 1581 ft of altitude gain.

The photos and topo/altitude maps on here on Google Plus.

We got there around 1000, paid our daily entry fee of $5, and checked out the very cool visitor center.

We hit the Buffalo Run Trail first. This one goes from near the park entrance east towards the bluffs over the Missouri River. It’s a moderately difficult hike of just over 3 miles. It’s an easy to follow lollipop trail, that goes up and over a ridge on the way to the bluffs over the Missouri. Once up on the big ridge, there are a couple open areas with picnic tables. We were overflown by numerous birds, including an eagle!

After the first hike, we found the trailhead for Begley’s Ravine and followed it around to the Whitetail Trail. This hike was right at six miles, and it’s pretty easy.

This was a very cool park, and there are a number of trails there left unhiked. I’ll be back.


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