Chuck House, Midwest City, OK

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I had lunch here today, and it was a great CFS sandwich, a good Dr. Pepper, and fast service.  I forgot to ask for the combo,  and so missed my fries.  The CFS was just a little tough in places, but overall tasty.

My check was $8.02.  Very good value.

One Response to “Chuck House, Midwest City, OK”

  1. David Baumann Says:

    I ate here today the food was fine but they have a problem answering the phone for phone in orders. This isn’t the first time. I like to phone in my order so it is ready when I get there. About 6 out of the 9 times I’ve called to place an order. The phone rang for over 20 minuets with no answer. I’m not talking about the phone being answered and being put on hold. I’m talking about not being answered. I personaly feel they are just not answering the phone. If the phone is broke, fix it. Today I called from 29th and Anderson. The phone was still ringing 5 minuets after I placed my order at the speaker. There were 2 cars in the parking lot.

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