Conservative Arguments Against Marriage Equality

Meet the Press this morning has a microcosm of the conservative opposition to marriage equality.

They had some Congressman on who repeated one of the lies conservatives like to use, regarding how bad same-sex marriages are for children. To his credit, David Gregory threw the BS flag on the guy, who just blithly went on repeating his claim.

Ralph Reed, tried to make a Big Point that SCOTUS denied marriage equality, invalidating the concept of marriage equality. He got the BS flag thrown on him as well, in that SCOTUS didn’t actually address the application of the 14th Amendment to marriage equality (I think they should have). Mr. Reed is also proud that a number of states enshrine his particular form of discrimination, and takes that as some sort of affirmation of his side. Those state restrictions are the next targets to increase marriage equality, and they will prevail.

Ralph also made another utterly pathetic argument. Rachel Maddow made the comment that Reed was expressing intolerance, and he tried to claim that President Obama was also intolerant before he expressed support for marriage equality 14 months ago. Sorry, Mr. Reed, you have been trying to force your religious view on the country for years, and Obama hasn’t tried to do that once. You should just triumphantly proclaim your hatred of our gay brothers and sisters, instead of trying to denigrate President Obama.

So conservatives: why don’t you do more to help jobs and the economy instead of trying to force your particular religious views on the rest of the country? How about trying to get some more of your favorite Leviticus passages enshrined in law? Maybe you could talk about that at your next CPAC, over the shrimp scampi (even though consuming shellfish is another abomination).

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