Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, Olathe, KS

Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue on Urbanspoon

This place was recommended to me long ago by a Stillwater friend. I have eaten at the outpost in Broken Arrow.

I had dinner here Friday evening with Raegan and Erin. We got there around 2000, and it was crowded! Erin ordered the turkey dinner, Raegan a two meat of pulled pork and turkey, and I got the two meat of brisket and chicken (light meat). We also got a couple “bones”, or ribs. The ribs were pretty darn good, with good smoke flavor, and tender. I rated them 8.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs. The turkey was good; it’s hard to get much flavor from smoked turkey, but this was tender. The brisket was pretty good as well, very tender and great flavor. The chicken was another thing altogether, it was wonderful. It had a coarse rub that I really liked, and the chicken was plump and tender and moist all the way through.

Erin didn’t like the huge amount of Season All on her fries. I liked the BBQ beans, jsut a touch on the spicy side. Raegan thought the potato salad was excellent, wth celery and choppoed hard-boiled egg.

A good visit. The iced tea was excellent. Our check was $49.19. Great stuff.


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