Cedar Pass Lodge, Badlands National Park, SD

Cedar Pass Lodge Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We got to Badlands last evening just before dinner. After some photography of the amazing terrian, we stopped here for dinner. It was not impressive.

Raegan and Erin split an Indian Taco, which had bison burger crumbles on it. Not bad, but kind of bland, I thought. I ordered the beef patty, which is essentially a bunless burger. It came with mashers and veg. The veg was the best part of the meal, peas and corn mixed up, and very tasty. The mashers were OK, I asked them for some gravy, which was apparently breakfast leftover. The burger was burned on both side, and pink in the middle. I ate it anyway, but I darn sure will never get it again. I also had a salad, and it was OK.

We ended up with some fry bread with wojapi (not bad), and two scoops of ice cream made specially by a SD university and trucked in to the Lodge (pretty good).

The iced tea was Gold Peak at drinkable, at best. Service was very good. Our check was $33.64.

If you have to eat here, you won’t starve. Don’t have high expectations.


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