Milio’s Sandwiches, Omaha, NE

Milios Sandwiches on Urbanspoon

I had never heard of this chainlet before, but noted that we would be near it while doing some errands in the Omaha area.

Raegan and I split a #17 (ham and turkey) on the famous Milio’s french bread. It was pretty good. One note: I increasing dispike long pickles in my sandwiches. Some places will put chopped pickles on instead, or relish (OK, but not as good as relish is usually too sweet). Erin got a ham and cheese. We all got “Mighty Tasty Meal” packages that include chips and a drink, and we all got a chocolate chip cookie (very good).

They are a Pepsi shop, so I got DP, Raegan got Mountain Dew, and Erin just got water. They only have the vile and disgusting Brisk tea, about which the less said, the better. Our check was $22.87. It was a decent sandwich (which is what their motto is), and the service was friendly and fast. I would go again, but not out of my way. Subway has more variety, and makes a better sandwich, as does Which Wich (which also uses chopped pickles).


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