Cafe 3001, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City, OK

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I’ve been eating in this cafeteria ever since I started working at Tinker in 1984. Back then, it was run by the Air Force, but at some point in the past years operation of the cafeteria was contracted out. Currently it’s run by Aramark. Aramark is big into portion control, so if you get, say, the taco salad, you get the one scoop of filling (not all that much), and that’s it.

Quality is highly variable. Their burgers are terrible, but the chicken burgers are pretty good. The aforementioned taco salad is pretty good, but the chicken parm, not so much.

I had lunch at Cafe 3001 last Tuesday. The entree was brisket, with sides. I got two servings of the roast potatoes. The brisket was OK at best (the very sweet BBQ sauce didn’t really help), but the potatoes were very good.

They have Gold Peak “tea” that is vile. I usually get a Coke. My check was $8.65.

Anyone who has Tinker AFB access can eat in this cafeteria. It’s in the south end of Building 3001.


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  1. Harold Penner Says:

    You summed it up very well! -Harold in Toronto airport

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