Red Rock Restaurant, Wall, SD

Red Rock Restaurant on Urbanspoon

This place was great! We came out of Badlands National Park into Wall, and decided to try Red Rock. Good choice.

Erin got a fish sandwitch and liked it; the bun was grilled and was good. Raegan got a three-piece broasted chicken; she ate two of the pieces (I got one of them). That was some outstanding chicken! Tender, prefectly cooked, moist, and wonderful flavor. The chicken came with some really good mashers and gravy. I got a CFS. It was a 9.5. It was a thick cutlet, and very large, and was perfected breaded and fried up. Great flavor. The only thing I could count it down on was not being fork tender. I also got the mashers and gravy.

The meals all included the soup and salad bar. The soup was a very good vegetable beef, and the salad bar was not too bad. We also got two slices of chocolate cream pie.

The iced tea was outstanding. Service was perfect. There was a little grey mouse running around, doubtless cleaning the floor ( 🙂 ). Our check was $57.16.

This place was GREAT. I would eat here any time.


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