Ranch House Cafe, Denver, CO

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This was a great find! We had tried a couple places along Colfax after visiting the Museum of Science and History (they were closed due to the 4th), and were on the way out of town when we drove past Ranch House, and stopped because there were people in side.

We started with chips and salsa. The chips were HOT, we think they made them there, and great. The salsa was excellent, just the right amount of heat, and very tasty.

Erin got three ground beef soft tacos, and she ate every bit of them (except the bite I took, which I liked). Raegan got a chicken chimi. That was on outstanding chimi. It was positively stuffed with chicken, and was made with a chili verde that reminded us of the green salsa we’ve had in New Mexico. Great stuff. I ate about 1/3 of her chimi (it was huge), and I think it was the best chimi I have ever had. I ordered the chicken fried steak, and it was my third really good CFS of this trip. It had a touch, just a hint, that the oil needed to be changed. But it was mostly fork tender, the breading was good, and the beef had great flavor. The mashers and gravy were very good as well. My meal came with a simple salad; I liked it and the ranch dressing.

One note: there are two CFS on the menu. One is hand-breaded there, the other is pre-fab. Do NOT get the pre-fab.

The tea was excellent! Service was excellent! Our check was $32.37, a great value for all the food we got, and the quality of every item.

The next time I’m in Denver, this place gets a second visit.


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  1. Harold Penner Says:

    Going to Denver this Saturday.

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