One More Privacy Erosion

As I drove home this evening along I-35, I was passed by an OKC Police Department car. I don’t think it was a normal car, as it was not sporting the dual network hotspot antennas that most public safety vehicles here have.

This one was equipped with four cameras, two each on the corners of the roof, pointing about 30 degrees off-axis to the driving direction of the car.

I imagine these are the latest in official surveillance of as much of the public as they can get away with, cameras to scan license tags.

These cameras are supposedly used for looking for stolen vehicles, or vehicles belonging to people with warrants. What we are not told is what is done with the data collected, how it is retained, and the like.

Although I am fully aware of the doctrine that we have no assurance of privacy while motoring around, I believe that unlimited data collection by “security” agencies is contrary to liberty.

I am opposed to the spending of taxpayer money so that police agencies can more easily spy on us.


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