The George Zimmerman Trial Is Almost Over

I have no idea what the verdict will be. I do think Zimmerman needs to serve time. He pursued a kid who wasn’t doing anything even remotely illegal. That pursuit made Zimmerman the aggressor, and his aggressive action led directly to the death of Martin.

What really amazes me about this is the conservative reaction to it all. The supposedly law and order conservatives see nothing wrong with the armed guy chasing down an unarmed guy and shooting him.

So what if Martin hit at Zimmerman? If some gun-wielding guy was after me, I’d damn sure get anything I could to defend myself. I don’t even think that there is evidence of Martin hitting Zimmerman, I think Zimmerman made it up.

So regardless of the verdict, Zimmerman should go to jail. He took a life with zero justification. A guy with a gun pursuing a kid does not turn the kid into a criminal. Period.

One other thought: there are pictures going around social media showing various large black men that are meant to look threatening, that are claimed to be pictures of Martin, and “it’s how he really looks”. What kind of sick people would do that? It’s bad enough that people just turn around and forward or share them without verifying, but whoever released them into the wild in the first place needs to do some serious soul searching of just what good you are doing on this world by creating lies.


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