Zimmerman Might Be Not Guilty, But He’s Not Innocent

Justice has not been served for Trayvon Martin. His killer got away with the crime.

Once it was established that Zimmerman went in pursuit of Martin, the “stand your ground” defense should have been disallowed. Zimmerman was the aggressor.

The most horrifying thing about the case is the split along political lines. The 2nd Amendment crowd and conservatives think Zimmerman did nothing wrong. Why else did he go on Hannity to plead his case? “God’s Plan”, that’s a load of crap.

It’s clear that Zimmerman has a problem with race, and he solved it by tracking down and shooting an unarmed man.

The bigger problem is that a lot of Americans also have a problem with race. It’s going to take a couple more generations, but slowly, we will get most racism out of this country.

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