Harris Diner, East Orange, NJ

Harris Diner on Urbanspoon

I like diners. I heard somewhere that New Jersey has more diners than anywhere else on the planet, and as we drove around yesterday, there is ample evidence of that. We were at the Edison museum yesterday, and I did a Google Maps search for “diner”, and Harris Diner was pretty much the closest place, so off we went.

I had honey fried chicken, it was great! Chicken noodle soup to start (the noodles were spaghetti noodles). My meal came with some onion rolls and mashers and gravy (the gravy was tomato-based, unusual, and very good). This was simply too much food for me to eat, which is too bad, since it was all great. Raegan and Erin both got a fish sandwich (again, huge) that they really liked. Ian got a double cheeseburger, and pronounced it excellent. Various chocolate milkshakes were consumed, and Raegan and I both got a (huge) scoop of ice cream, hers with butterscotch syrup, mine with chocolate.

The only thing I can count down on was the tea, it was concentrate (Brisk, I think), so I switched to Pepsi. Service was prompt and super friendly. Our check was $57.72. Higher than we normally get, but four full meals, and extras like dessert drove the cost up. It was worth it.

This place is a classic diner. The customers were all known to the staff; people don’t keep coming back for years if a place serves crappy food, so that tells you something. I would gladly eat here again.


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