Santa Fe Cattle Company, Midwest City, OK

Santa Fe Cattle Co. on Urbanspoon

I have not been terribly impressed with the Santa Fe restaurants in the area. The food quality has been quite uneven. Tuesday, we had a lunch there to honor our outgoing immediate commander. It was a pretty good experience.

I got the lunch size chopped sirloin dinner with fries and iced tea. First of all, the rolls that come with the meals were great, as always. The iced tea was good also. The fries were thick and real potato like they were supposed to be. The chopped steak was not too bad at all. I had asked for it to be medium well, but it came medium rare to medium. Good flavor. I had asked for the onions to be well cooked, and they were.

The only real down here was that service was really uneven. The problem was that we had at least 25 people, and *one* server. And she was working other tables in the area. Things got pretty slow towards the end of the meal, especially when it came to paying our bills. Really, SF, staff up a little.

Related to that, the 18% extorted gratuity was too much for the service provided.

So I will go back to Santa Fe if there is some function that is held there, but given the choice, take Logan’s up the road two blocks.


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