Park West Diner, Little Falls, NJ

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We continued our Eat Across New Jersey Diners tour this evening. We had breakfast at the hotel and headed out to New York, and didn’t have lunch, so we were very hungry come dinnertime.

We had seen Park West on the way in, so we hit it on the way out. Great place!

The meal started with complementary pasta salad – a HUGE bowl, more than the four of us could have eaten (but very good!). There was also a HUGE basket of bread, three different kinds. We particularly liked a couple pieces that had a cinnamon layer.

Raegan and Ian had a fried chicken basket, it came with soup. Raegan got cream of mushroom, it was excellent, really good. Ian got chicken and rice, it was excellent as well. They both had fried zucchini and onion rings that were excellent. Erin got a chicken caesar wrap, and liked it a lot. I got roast top sirloin beef; it was about half a blasted cow, with natural gravy (thickened drippings). That roast beef was tender, just a touch medium rare+, and tasty. Great stuff. It came with whipped potatoes that were just as yummy as potatoes can be, and gravy that was some of the best I have had in a restaurant. My meal also came with a HUGE salad, and very good ranch dressing. The only downer was my second side, which was sauteed mushrooms, which had been sauteed with bell peppers, and so were not edible. The side, BTW, was HUGE (notice a trend here?).

Erin had a very good chocolate shake with the meal. Ian and I had iced tea, a treat, it was great!

Service was perfect. The food was great. I am very impressed with Park West, the food quality was outstanding and the service was as well. Our check was $65.32. Recommended.


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