J & M Diner, Frameington, MA

J & M Diner on Urbanspoon

We had just completed another leg of the Visit Every American Girl Doll Store On Planet Earth tour, and needed lunch. A quick Google Maps search for “diner” pointed us at J&M, one town over in Frameingham. We got there about 1300 and left about 45 min later.

First of all, be warned: cash only. If you are like we are, and carry little cash, that might be an issue.

This was a nice little place. Ian and I got cheeseburgers, mine had bacon. His was a double, a full pound of beef (which he basically inhaled). These were very good burgers, with great beef flavor, and cooked just right, with that nice crust that should be on every burger (no mush!). They came with white American cheese; mine had enough mayo to cause a dietician to despair. Erin got a serious grilled cheese, and liked it. Raegan got an egg salad sandwich, which had so much egg salad on it that the bread gave up quickly. I had quite a lot of it, it was excellent egg salad, without the crap a lot of places use as filler. My only suggestion would be to add a bit of chopped sweet pickle to the mix. Raegan had baked beans as a side, they were very good. Ian got potato salad as a side, also very good.

A pleasant surprise: they had very good iced tea. We’ve been out for 8 days now, and I’m really missing my iced tea, so that was very nice. Service was fast and very friendly. Our check was $49, which isn’t a bad value at all for the food, and the quality. I would go back anytime.


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