Ninety Nine Restaurant, Waltham, MA

Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub on Urbanspoon

We picked this place for dinner last night from a Google Maps search. I didn’t realize until I read the UrbanSpoon listing that it was a local chainlet.

Raegan, Ian, and I all got the country fried chicken, which comes with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, a biscuit, and another veg. It wasn’t too bad. It’s breaded and fried chicken breasts (on the small side). The gravy was pretty good, but not much was on the plate, so I had to ask for extra. Erin got a honey bbq chicken wrap. She didn’t like it very much, because she didn’t care for the honey-bbq sauce mix.

They have about 10 varieties of iced tea, but it’s all either Lipton instant with our without fruit chemical additives or the brisk stuff. Service was friendly but got to be very slow; our server took two of our waters for refills and didn’t come back for 10+ minutes. It also took two requests to get the extra gravy. We had requested a pair of extra biscuits but never got them. Our check was $45.21.

The menu was quite large. The restaurant was very crowded; we were there 1800 – 1920.


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