Nanuet Diner, Nanuet, NY

Nanuet Diner on Urbanspoon

Yet Another Diner. And probably the last one on this trip, and a good one! We picked it since it was just down the road from our hotel. It was pretty good. They started off with some very good rough rolls and butter, and a relish tray with decent ranch dressing. Nice touch.

Raegan and Erin got bowls of chicken noodle soup; I had a cup, as did Ian. It was very good. Ian got a burger that was very good. I got fried chicken that was excellent, perfect skin and great flavor. I had fries and broccoli; the fries were OK, but the broccoli could have used a little more steamer time. Ians burger came with cole slaw that was excellent; he doesn’t like slaw, so I scarfed it.

Erin got a rainbow cake and liked it; Ian got some chocolate cake, but didn’t eat much of it since it had an odd flavor. We speculated that it had picked up odor from other stuff in the dessert case.

Service was OK. They only had Brisk “tea”. Our check was $40.00. We would go back.


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