Wood River Inn, Wyoming, RI

Wood River Inn on Urbanspoon

We were traveling along the southern end of Rhode Island and Connecticut today, and needed lunch. We saw the sign for Wood River Inn on I-95 and decided to give it a try. It was pretty good.

Raegan got pulled pork nachos. Not bad at all, but a huge amount of food. That plate of nachos would have probably fed all of us. Erin shared them, but even so, we left a bunch behind. Ian got a chicken parm grinder, which was pretty darn good; he demolished it. I got yankee pot roast, which wasn’t really pot roast, but rather carved roast beef; it was medium rare in about 10% of the beef, and medium to medium well over the rest; parts were fork tender, most wasn’t. In short, it was OK, not great. It came with mashers and a thick brown gravy; natural would have been better.

We got some dessert; a toll house pie square, and some ice cream.

They didn’t have iced tea, so we got Coke and lemonade and water. Service was very good and friendly. Our check was $59.88.


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