Chicken Charlies, Burlington, VT

Chicken Charlie's on Urbanspoon

I’m still catching up restaurant reviews from our big family trip. We had lunch at Charlies after seeing it while driving by.

So they do rotisserie chicken here (personal note: I spelled “rotisserie” right the first time!). I had never really considered where that particular form of food had come from. A restaurant review on the wall at Charlies claims that rotisserie chicken was a popular Canadian street food back in the 80s, and the founder of Charlies brought it to Vermont long before Boston Market and other chains were started.

So I had to get the rotisserie chicken, light. It was pretty good; the chicken pieces were not the most plump that I’ve had, but they had the nice rotisserie skin, were tender, and not too greasy. The meal came with mac and cheese and cole slaw; both were pretty good. Raegan got the same, dark, with mashers and beans. Ian and Erin both got chicken tenders. I had about half of one, and there was something that tasted a little odd, that I didn’t really like.

They are a Pepsi shop; I tried the tea and was not impressed, and got DP instead, not bad. Service was fast in order taking and a little slow in delivery. Our check was $54.96, which I felt was a little high for the food we got.


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